Spring is Busting Out All Over Acrylic on Canvas Shadow Box frame decorated with flowers, a vintage teacup, and ribbons $295

Snow Clouds Over Garden of the Gods Alcohol Ink on paper $99

Spring Sighs Acrylic 24x30 framed in black wood $175

Klimt's Model Alcohol Ink White mat/brown wood frame 15x12 $95

Mountain Shadows Alcohol Ink 20x24 Double matted in black and white with contemporary black wood frame $175


Bamboo Vision Acrylic on gallery/wrapped canvas 15x60 $350

Snowy River Ink and Mixed Media on Handmade Paper Framed in brown frame/white mat 24 x 21 $225

January Trees Ink and Mixed Media on Handmade Paper Floated and framed in black metal 24 x 18 $225

Golden Fall on America's Mountain Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 60 x 15 $399

"Heart of the Forest" Ink on Handmade Paper framed at 19 x 19 in black frame, white mat. $210

"A Hidden Treasure" Watercolor on Japanese Paper 12 x 12 framed in black with white mat. $75

Golden Aspen Show Acrylic & mixed media black floater frame 18x21 $155

Colorado Homestead Watercolor custom tan mat lined with black in black frame 14 x 18 $125

Daisy Day Watercolor framed in white mat with black liner black frame 14 x 18 $85

High Country Spring Acrylic & Mixed Media 18 x 21 Black floater frame $165

Tall Pines Acrylic/Mixed Media 24 x 16 in black floater frame $195

Rocky Mountains Alcohol Ink 14 x 18 black frame white mat $99

Night in a Pine Forest SOLD prints may be available - contact me!

Winter Sky Over Garden of the Gods Alcohol Ink 20 x 24 black frame with white mat $195

Colorado Farmhouse Watercolor 20x24 framed with white mat, black wood frame $199

Cheyenne Creek Autumn Watercolor 16 x 20 white mat, dark wood frame $195

Sunset Over Garden of the Gods Alcohol Ink 14 x 18 mahogony frame with white mat $95

In the Pink Alcohol ink framed at 16 x 20 double white mat in a mirror frame $165

Fall Glow Acrylic & mixed media on canvas framed 24 x 20 in black floater frame $199

The Enchanted Forest watercolor on rice paper 13x16 in a very unique bronze frame, double white mat $125

Colorado Magic SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

A Christmas Card? Ink on handmade paper. 10 x 10. $25

"Mountain Meadow" Alcohol Ink 11 X 14 SOLD (prints available - contact me!)

"Forest Splendor" SOLD (prints available - contact me!)

"Ladies Night Out" Original alcohol ink Double matted in 2 shades of gray & framed in a burnished gold wood frame. 22 x 19 $185.

Do You See the Deer

"Do You See the Deer" SOLD (prints available - contact me!)

"Dawn's Early Light" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

"Love Daisies" Original alcohol ink Framed in 11 x 14 white mat and white wood frame $65

"The Girl in the Transparent Raincoat" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

windowshoppersalcoholin16 x 20 $195

"Window Shoppers" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

"A Kind of Hush" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

A Pot o Pinks Ks

"A Pot o Pinks" Original Alcohol Ink Framed and matted in white 11 x 14 $65

Classical Frame of Mind KS

"Classical Frame of Mind" Mixed Media on paper Framed in black and matted in white. 11 x 14 $85


"Thank You Van Gogh" Original Watercolor in black wood frame with white mat. 17 x 22 $155

"White Winter Cabin" Small framed watercolor SOLD (prints available, contact me!)

"Love Lilac" Original Alcohol Ink Framed, 14" X 18" $95

"Aspens In Snow" Original Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas 30 x 20 SOLD (prints available - contact me!)

"Colorado Columbines" Original Acrylic on Gallery -Wrapped Canvas 20 x 24 SOLD (prints available - contact me!)

"Ice on Lake Dillon" Acrylic mixed media Framed 24 x 20 $175

"Colorado Front Range" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 30 x 20 $299

"The Golden Season" Gallery wrapped canvas 36 x 24 Sold (prints available - contact me!)

"Sunlight in Aspen" Acrylic Framed in black at 15 x 28 $165

"Tranquility" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

"The Girl With the Oregano Eyes" Alcohol Ink Framed at 18 x 24 $225

"Let's Go!" Alcohol Ink Framed 22 x 18 $155


"Green-Eyed Lady, Lovely Lady" alchol ink, framed in white 11 x14 $55

"Some Wore Hats," Alcohol Framed with a white mat in a gray barnwood frame 21 x 17 $155

"Rainy Day Taxi" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)

"Poppy Trio" Alcohol ink Framed in black at 11 x 14 $48.50

"Colorado Morning Light" Oil elegant white carved frame 20 by 24 inches $399

"Drummer Boys of Assisi" SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

"Home from the Market" Watercolor 22 by 28 Inches $350

"Italian Dressing" Watercolor 22 by 28 inches $350

"Jewelry Sellers in Guanajuato" Watercolor 18 by 24 inches $350

"In Tall Poppy" Acrylic 36 by 15 Inches $175

"Lesson at the Louvre" Watercolor on Paper 22 by 28 Inches $350

"Over the Rainbow 1" Acrylic 12 by 60 Inches $350 *Not Available as a Print

"Poppies in May" Acrylic 30 by 24 inches $299

"Poppies & Little Painters in Paris" Watercolor 23 by 29 Inches $350

"Womanakins - Here's An Idea" Watercolor 34 by 26 Inches $525

"Womanakins - Just Looking" Watercolor 34 by 26 Inches $525

"Womanakins - Just Waiting" Watercolor 29 by 21 Inches $525

"Holy Unorthodoxy" Watercolor 31 by 25 Inches $350

"Beautiful Masks" Alcohol Ink Gray mat in a contemporary black frame 25 x 31 $295

"An Impression of a Vase of Roses" Framed with a white mat and white frame 16 x 13 $95

"Colorado Collage" Alcohol ink Framed in white at 11 x 14 $40

"Italian Courtyard" Oil 24 by 20 Inches $325

All Rights Reserved by Karen Standridge


"Tranquility" SOLD (prints may be available - contact me!)